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Financial Resources: Support

IVF or Egg freezing can be extremely expensive. The emotions associated with having to start one of these, combined with the financial aspect, can make things feel even more overwhelming. Below is information that I discovered during my own journey regarding discounts on medications for IVF/Egg Freezing cycles. My hope is that this information will save you both time and energy and will support you on your own personal journey.

The approval process can take 7-10 business days. If you are approved, the discount is applied towards the out of pocket cost of the listed medication(s). Please feel free to apply for all of the listed discount programs, follow the instructions, and send all necessary forms to the contact information provided. Discounts are based on household income

There are other options for fertility loans and support available here

Written Resources: The library

Here is a selection of books I have hand-picked to provide you with support and education through these difficult times. Keep an eye on this section for regular updates. Click on any book below for a full description. 

Audio Resources: Podcast Corner


Here is a selection of some of the best Podcasts out there to learn, understand and support you. Keep an eye on this section as I continue to share more Podcasts that I think could be beneficial.

Written Resources: The media

This is a space where I can share the latest articles in relation to fertility. Below are links to a few articles I found to be very interesting and helpful.


Human Resources: Kendall Bassard LMHC

I can also be a resource for you and your mental health during this time, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and I hold a Professional membership with RESOLVE- the National Infertility Association and The American Society of Reproductive Medicine. I primarily specialize in supporting individuals who experience challenges with fertility. Using a compassionate approach, I provide comfort and openness for people to share various thoughts and emotions that occur during their own reproductive journey

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