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Why Embrace LIFE?

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

God had given me what feels like a part of my purpose during my adolescence. I was a sophomore in college when things shifted for me. What started out as a slight discomfort in my lower abdomen turned into two nights of being rushed to the emergency room where the  first seed God gave me on my fertility journey nestled right into the pot of purpose that I now hold onto tightly. 

There are moments when I can say I wish I didn’t know reproductive challenges could ever exist. My first experience with a complication with my reproductive organs turned into many years of other complexities. As cliche as it may seem these experiences created a deeper meaning to the term no pain no gain.

Through the numerous ultrasounds, doctors appointments, emergency visits, and moments of feeling utterly helpless I continued to gain a passion around sharing my experience instead of just being confused by it. There were so many times where I questioned God and then one day I started to have questions for God particularly “what do you want me to get from this what is the meaning behind all of this pain and suffering?”

I feel like he heard me when it was time for the second seed that was planted on December 15, 2012 a little over a year after a major surgery. You would think that I would perceive a seed to have been planted after my surgery but instead I looked at that experience as soil that was being added to make sure the seeds had a place to securely reside in. That experience felt more like the foundation and this second seed on December 15th became one that possessed the ability to grow into community and the start of visions and dreams. 

Five girls sat in my apartment that day in full support of me and my desire to advocate and also share mine and other women’s stories. We all agreed that creating a documentary would be the perfect platform and after hours of discussion and brainstorming we would come up with the acronym L.I.F.E. which at the time stood for Layers In Female Experiences. Although the documentary idea didn’t take off immediately the acronym we created that day stuck with me.

The vision of a documentary transcended to a podcast that I named the L.I.F.E project. My desire to be a reproductive advocate and the constant ideas and platforms to decipher which one to really connect to made space for my journey to feel more like a project than a purpose it became something I felt responsible to create not fully mindful of what it meant to really connect to myself and others in a way that felt safe, inviting, compassionate and supportive. Even though I didn’t really have a huge grasp on my vision God continued to water it.

The impact of each experience and the tending to the emotions that grew from it is what has led me to this moment. One where I open myself up to others about my reproductive journey while also holding space to help others on their own. The purpose of Embrace LIFE (Layers In Fertility Experiences) is to create a space for women to embrace the layers that occur in their fertility journey. Through affirmations, self-care tools, resources, and a supportive community, Embrace LIFE’s goal is to helps build emotional safety around the vulnerability that occurs when someone is trying to conceive.  

Even if I only plant just one seed for those that like me are in need of connection and community then I know that God heard me. I embrace this opportunity of passion and advocacy and welcome you to join me and embrace the parts of you that are in need of relatability, transparency, support, and a moment that can validate whatever it is you might need. There is still so much in store for what I hope to be but I am grateful for what I believe is a better understanding of God’s purpose for me. 



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