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Some things to keep in mind

Keep in mind that these are recommendations for your process and that there isn’t a guarantee of how effective each crystal may or may not be for you personally. Please do your own research and connect to whatever self-care tool that suits you and your beliefs as I also recommend going to crystals stores or talking to those that you feel can provide you with additional information should you be interested in using crystals as a source of support. These suggestions are not medical substitutes, do not use in combination with fertility drugs, hormone treatments or hormonal birth control unless given clearance by your doctor or health care professional.


Moonstone is known to be very powerful as it’s aligned with the energy of the moon, which has a feminine energy. Research states that when a piece of Moonstone is placed under a full moon and charged with divine feminine energy, it can help significantly with fertility. This stone is often referenced as one of the key stones in effectiveness to have with you when you’re trying to get pregnant and dealing with fertility problems. 


Websites state that it can be worn during and after sex to help with impregnation. Moonstone is also very beneficial in regulating your period which can be helpful for those that deal with irregular cycles. Moonstone is known as the ultimate fertility crystal. It gives calming energies and stable emotions. It also promotes natural conception. For the best results try using Moonstone with Carnelian. It is said to be a great pairing of two stones as Carnelian is a crystal of sexuality and creative energies. 

Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian is known to help remove any blockages in the reproductive organs and stimulates your reproductive system and balances your hormones. Carnelian stimulates and balances the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and vagina. It eases the symptoms of PMS and other discomforts related to the reproductive area. It is a popular stone often suggested to use to help aid someone in their fertility journey.


Aquamarine is known to help provide protection during pregnancy because it helps to guard both mother and baby against harm.  Most research strongly associates aquamarine with its ability to prevent miscarriages. Aquamarine also provides peace and inner calmness to help soothe your mind, because trying to conceive can be an extremely stressful time. It's a perfect crystal to wear from trying to conceive all the way through to childbirth. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a stone often associated as a grounding stone. For fertility purposes it is stated to increase fertility as it has positive effects on sexual organs. It is also known for its ability to balance your sexual energy. It is an effective stone for menopause and PMS.

Green Jade

Jade is especially known for its restorative and nurturing energy which helps to regain a sense of balance and love. It can help calm your spirit and provide a sense of ease during your fertility journey. It’s also said to be good for regenerating your pelvis area, bringing more blood flow and oxygen to the organs.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite was suggested to me as one of the best crystals to include on here for fertility. It is said to be a stone of great support for your reproductive organs. It is known to  boosts your energy and increases vitality. It can also release trapped or suppressed energy. Research states it can also ease problems with the ovaries or testes making ruby zoisite a useful stone to support your fertility.


Lepidolite has a soft and calming energy that nurtures you during your attempts to conceive. It dispels the anxieties that you have about getting pregnant and giving birth. if you’re looking for a stone to offer a calming influence whilst trying to get pregnant, lepidolite may do this.


Fluorite is a stone known to increase your sex drive. It also stabilizes hormonal changes, such as PCOS, PMS, and menopause. It is a stone of stability to the mind and the emotions as well.

Green Aventurine

Like Aquamarine, Green Aventurine is very good protective stone during pregnancy. Green Aventurine is beneficial in providing comforting, soothing energy and protecting our hearts during the vulnerability that can occur during the highs and lows that exist while trying to conceive and potentially later during a pregnancy. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone often associated as its use to help boost self-love. I later learned this stone powerfully increases fertility while also providing  self-love, self-confidence, serenity and peace. It provides the compassion and forgiveness of self you may need during the ebbs and flows of your fertility journey. It is a stone that can help you to forgive and be compassion towards yourself and your experiences. It can also ease feelings of guilt or stress, which may surface if you don’t conceive as quickly as you wish. Additionally, Rose Quartz stimulates sensuality and sexual potency. It is recommended to let rose quartz do it’s magic while asleep by placing it under your pillow in hopes it can put your mind at ease.


Unakite is another highly suggested stone for fertility and is a great aid for a healthy pregnancy. It is another protective stone and helps with the release of energetic blockages. It can help you on your ability to retrieve your past and reclaim it with a sense of understanding to help support where you are in the present stages of your journey. After failed attempts with trying to conceive, having painful conversations, or through difficult emotions it is a crystal used to support any experiences with trauma. It helps the cells to remember the state of perfect health which can lead to room for healing from the trauma infertility can cause. It is recommend to make sure you keep this stone with you and carry it around when  you feel it is necessary.


Rhodonite helps restore emotional balance and keeps you centred. It is packed with healing energy, compassion and harmony. It’s also known to increase fertility and prepare the uterus for conception. As mentioned by other sites Rhodonite is great for fertility as it can aid in giving you a boost of confidence or enhancing your self love which is important to make space for when trying to conceive. 

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